Rooster (18-Inch)

$ 49.00 $ 34.99

Tab-mounted roosters are available in three different sizes. #B743, #OS650, and #OS651. There is a rooster pick, #P411, a rooster business card holder, #CH306, and a hanging rooster welcome sign, #WE609. Handmade in steel from an original design and hand-rusted. Mount this silhouette on the top of a fence or wall in your garden, a tree branch, or to the rail of your deck. Use it as a unique accent to a planter, the top of a door, a fireplace mantel, or other interior design.

SKU# OS651 Dimensions: 17.5 x 16.25 x .5 in.

Rooster (18-Inch) Rooster (18-Inch) Rooster (18-Inch) Rooster (18-Inch) Rooster (18-Inch)