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Rusty Birds is Giving Back Through Purchase a Tree Set, Heal The Gorge

Rusty Birds is Giving Back Through Purchase a Tree Set, Heal The Gorge

Cara Atwell |

On September 2nd, a fire started in the Eagle Creek area ripped through the Columbia River Gorge, one of the most beautiful and scenic areas in the country. In total, over 60,000 acres were burned and it has brought many of us in the area who know the Gorge’s beauty to tears.

This year for Giving Tuesday and throughout the Christmas season, the team at are dedicated to supporting the Friends of the Columbia Gorge in an effort to heal and restore the Gorge. Now through December 25th, we will donate proceeds of tree sets purchased at 

The Friends of the Columbia Gorge is the only non-profit organization dedicated entirely to protecting the Gorge. They are currently underway with a plan to re-build trails and hold stewardship work parties to assist in the Gorge’s recovery from the Eagle Creek Fire. In addition to their fire recovery efforts, they also help conserve the land, review development applications and enforce laws that protect the Gorge, as well as hold events and programs to educate people in the area about how we can all preserve the Gorge.

If you would like more information about how you can directly support the recovery of the Gorge or help Friends of the Columbia Gorge in other ways, visit their website:

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Are these tree individual trees and do they each have a tab for mounting? I am thrilled to have just discovered your products. What a nice gift for the Eagle Creek area to help plant new trees and recover from the fire. I know this purchase is after the offer, but that was very nice of you. Donna

Donna Paulson,

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