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Garden Decor Ideas for the Pro

Marliss Bombardier |

I love to garden.

It is my belief that everyone needs an escape from the banalities of reality, otherwise known as the daily grind. The repetitious nature of our existence becomes draining and easily resented. We rise early, we grind the coffee. We get into our shiny vehicles, turn up the music and commute to a job so we can afford the cars in which we drive while singing along to said music. And when we get home in the evening, sometimes after two hours of reverse commuting, all we want to do is escape. “Calgon, take us away!” we proclaim, searching for that mental rejuvenation that renders us deliriously happy.

Which brings me back to gardening. My garden is my Calgon. It’s my place of serenity and tranquility. When I push my hands deep into the cool, dense soil, all my anxieties are washed away and I simply breathe. There’s something maternal and comforting about planting and raising plants. You are creating and nurturing a life that brings beauty, renewal and symbiotic harmony to the world. Plus, depending on what you grow, you are facilitating self-sustainability by producing your own food. That is a small victory right there!

Since a garden invokes a lush connotation of paradise, I also believe in enhancing your verdant slice of heaven. After all, you want to spend time in a pleasant space that mirrors your style. The garden is an extension of my home and I choose to embellish it with rustic charm. I constantly dream up garden decorating ideas while I’m pruning or trimming. It’s what I’ve built my business around - the art of decoration.

Rusty Birds was built on a passion for good design. Simplistic, minimalist - elegant in its delicate nature. And what better way to dream up garden decorating ideas than drawing inspiration from the woodland creatures that visit our modern paradise!

Birds are entertaining to watch - and their infinite poses are capricious and deliberate. From delicately balancing on one spindly leg to tucking their head within their wings in repose, I find myself drawing a sense of peace from their activity. To me, it’s less frenetic and disjointed and more of a dance, which I capture in metal art to share with you.

Rustic metal ornaments like these enhance your flower beds, ornamental trees, rows of vegetation or other garden varieties:


Doesn’t this just make you happy? His stance is so perky.


Rustic metal birds make excellent additions to patio furniture, fences, sills, bird feeders/bird baths and other smooth, solid surfaces. One of my most popular garden decorating ideas is to choose ornaments in different poses and intersperse them throughout the garden and accouterments. 


This little guy makes an attractive embellishment to this fence - don’t you think?


You might wonder - don’t rusty birds alarm, confuse or perturb their live counterparts? On the contrary, they pique the interest of our fellow woodland inhabitants and encourage them to visit your garden, snag a treat from your feeder or otherwise mingle and socialize. The simple design does not create a threatening presence.

Rusty birds may be brought indoors, too.

My silhouettes adorn fireplace mantels, dining room tables, tops of cabinets, coffee tables, bedroom furniture - the possibilities are endless:


Rusty birds are at home anywhere - indoors or outdoors.


One of my favorite garden decorating ideas that translates to the indoor aesthetic is pairing a series of birds with other simple decor: among candles on a table, or photographs on a mantel. They add rustic charm to electronics consoles - who doesn’t want to watch television while admiring a little garden elegance atop their furniture?

Rusty birds enhance rustic bathroom decor - next to the soap dispenser or hung next to a towel rack, atop the laundry machine or perched alongside wall art.

In summary: find your escape and adorn it with whatever makes you happy. It’s your paradise. It’s your freedom from the tumult of the world. The world will beat you down plenty. Don’t help it in its militant quest.

I love to hear about your garden decorating ideas, home decorating ideas or any inspiration you draw from rustic country living. Please share them with me if you feel so inclined. I love to browse websites like these to keep the creativity flowing freely.


I received two of your pieces as a gift and today I found two more at Cornell Gardens. Last year I purchased several at the Portland Antiques Show(?) Will you be at any shows this fall 2017?

Bob Christiaansen,

I saw you salmon at the N.W. Garden Show and would like to purchase a couple but cannot seen to find them on your Webb site..I am not sure that this comment will get this to you .Hope to hear from you so I will able to place an order.

bob izzi,

Hi have just seen your beautiful birds ….they are lovely I was just wondering if you deliver to the uk ?…
Being a bit dim couldn’t see lol
Thanks Debbie x


Hello, I missed you at Meeker days. Do you have a festival calendar or Farmers Market calendar for where you will be this summer? Thank you, Tamie

Tamie Stewart,

This very unique piece would be great to enhance my garden. I have several original planters that are similar to this. I also saw some Unique Decorative Planters not too long ago.

Tonya Washington,

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