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Metal Yard Art Ideas

Marliss Bombardier |

There are so many wonderful things you can do with metal yard art. Don’t believe me? Ask Pinterest.

I love browsing the DIY realms of Pinterest. It not only brings me great peace and tranquility; it inspires creativity. As a craftsman myself, I discover fresh ideas and marvel at the sheer creativity of others’ metal yard art. I also realize just how popular this medium is.

Here are some Pinterest-derived ideas I loved.  You can run with them as you see fit when incorporating metal yard art into your garden’s accoutrements:

License plate pinwheels: Old corrugated license plates make for fantastic metal yard art. By fusing them together into pinwheel shapes, you can create all different kinds of windmill-like shapes with plates from Montana, Delaware, California and Alabama comprising their petals. These look great flanking bushes or potted trees. They also are particularly fun when thoughtfully spaced between rose bushes or other shrubbery that could use some dressing up and rustic charm.

Scrap Metal Flowers: Another fantastic rustic idea for your garden is a scrap metal flower blooming happily in its milk bucket home. Simply take an old milk bucket (exactly what you’d use to catch farm fresh milk direct from the udder) and use an old garden faucet for the flower (bonus if it’s already colored, but you can spray paint it a color of your choice. Visit your local art store to find this paint). Scrap metal may be used to form the stem and petals. Bonus: as the metal weathers and ages, your flower will become more beautiful.

DIY Butterfly: Butterflies are welcome guests in the garden, and they make even more lovely additions as metal yard art. You can also use other recycled materials (frame mouldings, hinges, keys, spindles, whatever) to create a gorgeous masterpiece.

Welded Silverware Flowers: If you know someone who can weld like a pro, why not ask them to help you create an original treasure? Simply use old, clean silverware to create shapes: flowers, animals, garden-friendly insects such as bees or ladybugs: the possibilities are endless.

Of course, no metal yard art is complete without a Rusty Bird!

Our charming and playful bird silhouettes are the perfect addition to your garden or indoor living space! They bring spunk, personality and quirkiness to your home’s atmosphere and are sure to trigger conversation and inspire admiration.

I love these birds. It’s always fun to come up with new shapes based off their live counterparts. Now that would make a terrific blog! The living birds that inspire the metal yard art. But I digress.

Let’s take a look at some Rusty Birds in their home environment:


I love this little guy happily perched on his post.



No fence is complete without a sweet and thoughtfully crafted Rusty Bird!


I especially love our picks. You can stick a few of these guys among your flower beds for a lovely natural look. You can just feel the whirring of dragonfly wings as they whisk by your face, leaving an almost imperceptible frenetic trail in the air:


This little guy was hand-rusted and handmade in quality steel.


The possibilities really are endless! Rusty Birds - and metal yard art in general - are terrific additions to your home or garden. They add a certain northwest touch with their handcrafted, vintage look and feel. What’s more, they are made from recyclable materials, so they are truly easy on the environment: both in aesthetic and in their green nature.

 What’s better than using what you already had lying around to create a masterpiece? It’s rewarding, it’s a healthy use of your time, and it looks great.


I was wondering if you could do a vulture, around 15 inches? I want to buy two, they can be identical. I would like it to be a mountable bird. Thanks…deb

Deb Taylor,

I love rusty metal stuff!!!!

Kathy Benson,

I just placed and order with you. I have searched high and low for rusty dogwood branches to add to the projects I’m making with old windows and your cute birds. They are Christmas gifts for friends. Is it possible to place a special order? I would like dog wood branches without birds on them, in at least two different lengths. Thank you. I’m registered with you, feel free to contact me by phone if necessary. Lisa

Lisa Clayton,

I think these are such great ideas to try with for metal yard art! I especially love the scrap metal flower ideas. That would look so rustic and good in my yard. I am going to look for something like that!

Erika Brady,

Hi! Beautiful work, by the way! I noticed you had more yard art items at the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest than you have here on this website. One that I am interested in was the airplane. Do you still have one? I have a picture if you need it. Thank you.


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