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Thinking Spring Home Decor during the Waning Winter Months

Marliss Bombardier |

I have been in an obsessive home decorating phase as of late.

Whether it be from all of the long days staring at my blank living room walls, sheltering myself from the dreary onslaught of rain and cold, or my discovery of “shabby chic” while perusing Pinterest, I can’t say. But suddenly, after a long hiatus into minimalism and purging huge boxes of items, I find myself these days envisioning cool dove grey walls where there is currently only beige, and deep turquoise vases with long slender necks. It has set me on the path of consignment-find dressers, furniture painting, DIY décor ideas, terrariums, beads, trinkets, and more beads.

I did end up buying one of said consignment-find dressers, and as we speak, am comparing shades of antique white furniture paint, and ordering ornate dresser handles on Etsy.  

My newly found passion for shabby chic design and home decorating has given me plenty of new projects to undertake and conveniently coincides in timing with the upcoming season of spring home décor. Spring can be a great time to refresh the look of your home decor, making it a place you truly enjoy residing in. It could be adding a fresh new color of paint to a room, or getting rid of those twenty year old tartan window curtains. The key is adding just the right splash of color and “pop” to brighten and liven things up after the long dreary monotony of winter. With it now being the 2010s and the addition of websites like Pinterest, you have all the freedom and inspiration you need to update your spring home décor any way you choose, no longer bound to the strict realm of pastels and dozens of bunny figurines.

(Let Aunt Kathy keep her figurines this year.)

While conjuring up images of your newly refreshed kitchen or living room, why not add some rustic metal art to your home décor for spring? Rusty Birds not only has a vast selection of artistic decorations for the outdoors and the garden, but for the home as well. Why not enchant your visitors with this delightful wall art as it welcomes your guests into your home?


Or, how about a wreath like this?

Who says you can only hang wreaths on the outside of your home? With such delicate and elegant design, a wreath like this could make a beautiful addition to your home décor by hanging it in your kitchen window, greeting you with the figures of spirited, lovely birds whenever you enter your home.

Or, if you happen to enjoy crafting and prefer making your own decorations, you could include something like this:


I can just imagine ordering a few of these ornaments in one of the many designs they come in, and finding a crafting blog that shows me how to add them into my very own DIY hanging mobile. It would be such an inviting decoration to look at, and a fun story to tell others on how I put it together, or even better, put one together with a friend!

With March being almost a month away, now is a great time to start thinking up some new ideas and ways to refresh your home décor for spring while you’re stuck indoors. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to up and purchase an entire new furniture set; sometimes it is the small touches that can really have a dramatic effect on the overall aesthetic. So allow yourself to get creative, get artsy with your spring home décor, and don’t forget to add a Rusty Bird to the mix. 


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